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Nikoline Investment Co., Ltd. was established on 03 December 2010 with company registration with Number 5580 PN.CBP (ពណ.ចបព).  Mr. Hong Nikoline is registered name as private limited company. Our company received a preferential trading system from the Ministry of Commerce in Cambodia dated on 19 July 2012 with number 3125 ពណ.បអព with registered number Co.KH.984/GSP/MFN/2012.In response to the increasing market demand, we have officially started our production in early 2011 in order to supply to the local and international market.

We are keen on promoting the rice export, and create the awareness of Cambodia’s high quality organic rice on the international market. During start up, all type of rice were started processing and served to our clients.

Regarding the technology, we are using state of the art technology with well-equipped machine to support our production line. Start up for investment for high quality rice mill is our top priority. Our main technology is imported brand name such as Satake Technology from Japan, and drying machine from Taiwanese technology.

Our production capacity output is 10 tons of milled rice per hour, monthly capacity for production is from 3,000-3,500 tones. We can also run in three shifts base on the requirement and customer demand.

Nikoline Investment Co., Ltd. has clear and professional organizational structure with board of directors, managing director (chairman and managing director), and line managers (administration, accounting, marketing and factory managers) to ensure that we can highly deliver our good service and production to our customers. At this time, we employ more than 70 employees and temporary/part time workers are around 30 people. Our staffs are qualified and have long experiences in this industry.

We committed ourselves to be customer oriented and maintain a competitive price, to meet standardized rice specification, equip with high standard paddy rice storage silos system and high quality paddy dryer machine. More importantly, customers are supported on easing their business transaction on transportation for FOB or CIS base on the requirement.

We are currently a member of Cambodia Rice Federation (www.crf.org.kh) and FASMEC (Federation of Association for Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia, www.fasmec.com). For external relation, we already established with our existing trading relation with China and Europe for our export market and we are also open and ready for international trading relations. Our future target is to update to the latest technology and increase our production capacity to meet the world market demand.

Our key factors for success in this business are:
-    Produce high quality milled rice
-    High technology production facility and equipment
-    Well trained human resources
-    Well-equipped factory set up during start up
-    Capable management to effectively communicate in the international trading relation and marketing

Our Vision is to become leading rice production and exporting to the international market.

Our Mission is to supply only the high quality organic rice to the market, and maintain the competitive price for traders or brokers.

Our Goal is to maintain the customer satisfaction, produce high quality of rice, and ensure the effective human resource management, and total quality management.

Our Share Value is to provide customer support and satisfaction, technology innovation, and ensure employee satisfaction.

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